Create Walkpaths

If you expect heavy traffic in certain areas, create walkways for your children and guests to use. This will help guide traffic and keep people from repeatedly walking on your grass in the same area. Paving stone walkways are a durable and attractive option that goes abut with artificial turf, but you may also consider brick, stamped concrete.

No Placing of Heavy Objects

Fake lawns can be parked on and driven on, but this is generally not a good idea due to the potential for oil or other substances damaging the grass. When a heavy object is repeatedly placed in the same spot for an extended period of time, you are also going to see some flattening. This means that if you regularly park on a fabricated lawn, you can expect to see flattening in the parking area.

How to Fix Flatten Fake Grass

Synthetic grass will flatten in areas of heavy traffic, but this is especially easy to correct. You simply need to groom your lawn, which should be done once a month at least. Brushing your lawn encourages the blades to return to their erect positions and can be accomplished quickly in areas that have flattened a bit. When grooming your lawn, you can use a grass rake specifically designed for this purpose, a broom, or a handled brush. It is important that you choose a broom or brush or rake that does not have steel bristles, which could damage your lawn.

keeping fake grass from flattening

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