Become an independent Sale Representative and make N200,000 monthly income

The opportunity to start a personal business without money ( zero-capital) is here!

Are you unemployed, in search of non-existent job?

Are you a full-time housewife looking for a means of income to support your husband?

Are you a student looking for a means of income to support yourself in school?

Are you in paid employment presently, but you need an extra means of income to augment your meager salary?

And you are almost at the verge of hopelessness and despair. Cheer up! This opportunity will give your life a lifeline, create a job for you and ignite a dramatic change of financial fortune;

THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FOR YOU! Male or female, this business is for everybody!

The mega business of female footwears!

Are you desirous of starting a personal business, but your major constraint has been lack of capital. Do not worry anymore, because this opportunity is a business you can start with zero capital. Moreover, you can overtime build up capital saved from your sales commission to become a reseller partner with our company.

Female Footwear business in Nigeria: A money-spinning opportunity.

One thing I have noticed as an entrepreneur of many years of experience is that a lot of prospective business people have the tendency of looking down on seemingly “ common” business opportunities that are money-spinners . The footwear business is one of them!

Unknowingly to many of us, a lot of people are making billions of profit from the shoe distribution market (not to talk of the shoe manufacturing segment which is largely untapped).

Footwear generally is a basic need for humans; everybody wears shoe hence the global industries and business that has been created around manufacturing and supply of footwears. But the unique thing about female footwears is the fashion fad and constant demand for latest design from time to time. Ladies are fond of buying “matching shoes” for every new clothes they buy and events they attend. Footwear designers are struggling to come up with latest designs to satiate this fashion craze. Hence the market potential for female footwears globally is enormous and Nigeria’s market being the biggest in Africa is largely untapped..Who we are and Why you need to Partner with us

BethelMendels Int’l Ltd is a major importer and Nigeria’s number one online female footwears wholesaler,

Our Female footwears are quality UK-Standard classic shoes sold at very affordable prices. We have constant stock of various designs, colours and sizes(37-41). We delight our numerous customers and bulk buyers by constantly introducing new and latest designs from time to time. We supply A- CLASS boutiques in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and in almost every state in Nigeria .We also have numerous customers in many West Africa Countries. Many Online female fashion and footwear store in Nigeria are our loyal customers

Become an independent Sale Representative and make N200,000 monthly income

An independent Sales Representative is one who links the company to a bulk buyer of our footwears and earns sales commission each time the buyer makes purchase.

For every purchase the buyer makes the Sales Rep. earns N200/ pair commission multiply by the GROSS SALES.

The more buyers you have and the more purchases they makes the more income you earn.

Let us assume you have 10 bulk buyers and each buys 100 pairs monthly, then your monthly gross sales would be 1000 pairs. And your income which is x% of N200,000 ( 200 x 1000)

If you have 50 bulk buyers, who buy 100 pairs each monthly, your monthly gross sales would be 5000 pairs. And your income monthly would be N1 million ( 200 x 5000)


Come to think of it!

This is a passive income opportunity.

Your major job is to make the initial effort to get the customer. And after that, you would continue to earn from the effort of the customer.

You are not investing a kobo neither do you get involved in the hassles of selling the goods

Target Bulk Buyers

1. Bulk Footwear dealers in the market
2. Shoe retailers
3. Boutique

How to Get Started as an Independent Sales Representative
1. Send an application to us via email stating your name, location, House address, phone number. Attach a CV and scanned passport photograph to bethelmendelsng@gmail.com

2. Once your application is received, a personal information/guarantorship form will be sent to you. You are required to print out the form, fill it and scan back to us.

3. An assessment of your qualification will be done by the company. Once your appointment is approved, the company will dispatch some marketing materials to you which include fliers, T-shirt and ID card.

For further Enquiries on how to become an Independent Sales Rep. Contact:

BethelMendels Int’l Ltd
27, Atinuke Olabanji Str. Off. Obafemi Awolowo Way
By Balogun Bus/stop, Ikeja-Lagos
Call/Whatsapp: 08036911296, 08180065490, 08087656176

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