Are you looking for a business that you could start without money;  without even an office and, yet make N500k profit per transaction?  Look no further! Let me introduce you to the business of supplying churches promotional customized 3D epoxy stickers to churches. These stickers are designed with the church logo, and they are usually pasted at the back of cars to promote the image of the church. The 3D epoxy stickers are usually water proof and they gum firmly to the cars. The churches sell the stickers to their church members who use it for their personal cars and could also give them out to people during evangelism.

Market potentials

The market potential for the 3D epoxy car sticker is so huge when you consider the number of church denominations and their aggressiveness to recruiting new members. Another reason why the product is hot is based on the fact that every church member, nowadays, loves to show off the identity of the denomination he or she belongs to. Churches also  need the stickers because it is a source of extra income for the church as they could easily convince their members to buy for personal use and also for evangelism



The profit potential for the sticker is so huge and attractive! As a broker you get the sticker from us at N250/pc and supply to churches at N300/pc. Your profit margin is N50/pc. If you get a church to order for 10,000 pieces,  for example, you would make about N500,000( N50 x 10,000)  profit per that single supply. Wow! Is this not a cool business? The interesting thing about this business is that you wouldn’t need to invest a kobo, because your client-the church, would  pay upfront for production ( in printing business, clients usually pay ahead for production because of customization)

Marketing strategy

  1. Submit proposals: Identify a particular church and send a proposal addressed to the Senior Pastor or General Overseer introducing the sticker to them, highlighting the promotional, evangelical and income generating benefits of the sticker to the church. There are churches everywhere.  So, identifying one won’t be a problem
  2. SMS Marketing: Get the bulk GSM contacts of churches and send them SMS introducing the stickers to them. To get GSM contacts of churches, visit their websites, check their adverts on newspapers, their fliers and billboards
  3. WhatApp Marketing: Whatapp marketing is a very effective marketing strategy because it enables you to send detailed description of your product with pictures, and the possibility of  starting a conversation with a potential client is high. Save the phone number of a potential client on your phone and check their whatapp status. If they are on whatapp, send them a well -crafted message with good pictures of the sticker samples. This could give you a good response from potential clients
  4. Social media marketing: use facebook, twitters, intagram, google+ etc to market the product
  5. Classified Advert: Post the advert of the car sticker on free classified advert online. People searching for such product will locate and patronize you
  6. Newspaper advert: you could run advert on local and national newspaper to attract potential churches

       What you need to do as a broker to get started

  1. Registration: Registration is FREE. But you need to send your details: Name. phone number, email, and location to or call 08176727751
  2. Get some samples of the sticker: The cost of each sample sticker is N500/PC. You could 3-5pcs for your marketing( We have samples we have done for a big church recently)
  3.  FREE proposal sample, you could edit and send to churches will be sent to your email20161011_114853




If you have some money, you could invest in producing for big churches and sell directly to resellers and end-users. You could target Redeemed Church, for instance, The production cost of the stickers from us is N250/PCS, and you sell @ N500 to end-users; sell @ N300/PC to big Distributors; sell N400/PC to petty resellers and marketers

The following marketing tips could be helpful

  1. Identify individuals/ pastors in branches/parishes of target church.  Supply them the sticker at N400/PC, while they sell at N500/pc to end-users
  2. Look for shops within or outside that sell the church materials, you could be interested resellers of the sticker, you would supply them at N400/PC, while they sell at N500/pc to end-users
  3. Recruit marketers/ sales person during you target church events: crusades, convention to sell the stickers. The sales persons get the sticker at N400/PC, while they sell at N500/pc. They make a commission of N100/PC as their remuneration
  4. Finally, you could get big distributor, who will make huge financial investment to buy large quantity of the stickers, you sell to them at N300/PC, while they sell at N400/pc to resellers or N500/pc to end-user


                  To become a broker or a dealer, please call Vera on 08176727751  or manager on 08087656176 or visit


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