Why Install Speed Limiter?

Speed is a major risk factor in road accident accounting for about 35% of road crashes in Nigeria (FRSC Publication).

Regulatory Requirement

Occasioned by increased number of accidents that occur due to over speeding, the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC has commenced the enforcement of Speed Limiter Device (SLD) installation on all commercial vehicles plying Nigerian roads to ensure that drivers comply to legal road speed limit as stipulated in the Nigerian High Way Code.

The implementation of the speed limiter device is therefore mandatory for all commercial vehicles whether trucks, buses or cars. Transporter owners and drivers who fail to comply may have their vehicles impounded and will be prosecuted. It is against this background that we offer you our speed limiter device.

Why Choose SRM-PDRS-5R Electronic (Digital) Speed Limiter Driving Solution?

Equipping your fleet with Elson Speed Limiter Device is a sure way of preventing the legal speed limit or a desired speed limit from being exceeded. The benefits are achieved without the need to forgo the use of full engine power. The maximum road speed obtainable is controlled by an electronic regulator into which the preset speed limit has
been encoded. The SRM-PDRS-5R device can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle.
Elson SRM-PDRS-5R is designed to meet the most exacting demands currently made on automotive electronics. It has a diagnostic interface designed to the ISO standard.

Benefits of SRM-PDRS-5R Electronic Speed Limiter

The benefit of SRM-PDRS-5R to your fleet is more than just meeting the legal FRSC requirements of road speed limit. There are safety, cost and environmental benefits. Reducing the speed of a vehicle will result in lower fuel consumption that saves money on fuel purchase and helps reduce toxic emissions and Also, the risk of collision and
other speed related accidents is reduced when driving at lower speeds There is also the benefit of lower repair cost for motor vehicle, tires and brakes.

  • Reduced risks of accidents by limiting maximum speed thereby preventing irreparable loss of lives, goods/products and vehicular equipment.
  • Allows maximum pulling power
    Reduces risk and severity of accidents
  • Easy policing option
  • Reduction in the stress on the driver and complete concentration on traffic, because he doesn’t have to keep a constant watch on the speed limit.
  • Reduced operating costs through:
    – Reduction in wear and tear; savings on brakes and tyres
    – Lower fuel consumption and repair costs
    – Longer vehicle-service life
    – Elimination of road traffic fines


Affordable Durable and efficient Speed Limiter.
Much more than speed limiter, not just limits vehicle speed but also govern the vehicle.
Never bother again about the speed your drivers takes your vehicle, with our speed limiters, vehicle never exceeds a preset speed.
Works on all vehicle types.
>Speed limiter
>Smart Card
>LCD Display
>Licensed by Federal Road Safety commission 

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