“The difference between the Rich and the Poor is in their response to opportunities. While the Poor Rationalizes opportunities, the Rich act on them” – Azemobor Gregory

The answer to your fervent prayer for financial prosperity is right here in front of you! This opportunity I am going to show you right now, will blow your mind and radically change your financial status for the rest of your life!

Are you currently unemployed, underemployed, Tired and sick of being broke or looking for an extra income? Then this is for you. I will like to congratulate you because your search for a better life is over. I will start by introducing you to the business of the moment.


This business of reselling the Redeemed church branded paper air freshener is what you could start immediately because there is no huge money involved; you could start reselling the air freshener with less than N10,000 Start- up capital. No school qualification is required; no experience is needed; you do not even need to rent a shop; It can be done from anywhere- starting from your home.

The Profitable business of Branded Paper Air Freshener

Our company, BethelMendels Int’l Ltd has been a foremost marketing communication outfit, providing unique branding promotional tools for major multi-national organizations in Nigeria within the past 8 years. We have done multi-million naira jobs for banks, manufacturing and service based companies. We have also produced branded campaign paper air fresheners for politicians during electioneering periods. Branded paper air freshener business is very lucrative and market for it is largely untapped.

Market Potential for the Redeemed Church Branded Paper Air freshener

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is about the most populated Pentecostal church in Nigeria with an estimated membership of 12 million people, and branch network spread to almost all the countries in the world. This estimated membership is bound to grow owing to the aggressive church planting effort of the church. Hardly is there any major street in Nigeria that you cannot find a redeemed church.

Every week, millions of worshippers gather in all their branches throughout Nigeria. On every first Saturday of every month, all roads lead to the Redeemed camp along Lagos-Ibadan express way, for the Holy Ghost Service. During these services, you find millions of people coming to seek the face of God for their individual miracles and break through.

Another important programmes of the church that bring Millions of people from all over the world is the Holy Ghost Convention held in August and the Holy Ghost Congress held in December of every year. During these periods members buy a lot of  branded items – such as wrist bands, T-shirts, etc to create awareness for the events.

Reasons why the market potential for the branded paper air freshener, is so huge

  1. Every Redeemed church member loves his church identity, and so would love to buy for personal use for cars, home, offices etc
  2. This branded paper air freshener is ideal as special gift for first timers in church. The use of the air freshener will constantly keep the thought of the church in their mind, and this will have the positive effect of retaining them as members of the church. Pastors of every Redeemed Church are expected to stock enough quantity of the air freshener for this purpose
  3. The air freshener is also ideal for evangelism. The evangelism team of every Redeemed church should keep enough stock to give out to potential converts. The pastors should also impress it on every member to buy enough of the air freshener to give to neighbours, colleagues in the office etc
  4. Financial Empowerment opportunity. The parish pastor can also use it to empower the youth: unemployed, underemployed or who are looking for extra income in the church. i.e selling the idea to them to resell the air freshener  during Sunday Services in their parish, Holy Ghost service, Holy Ghost Convention and during the Holy Ghost Congress events.
  5. The air freshener on the product last for 15 days, starting from the time the pack is opened. This makes it disposable. So there would be constant need to make repurchases. This ensures constant demand for the product; unending huge market potential; and profitability.





Two opportunities are available

  1. Bulk Wholesalers – mininmum purchase a carton, 1000cs-@N60,000- N60/pc
  2. Reseller- minimum purchase, 100pcs @ N8,000 –N80/pc

As a Bulk Wholesaler, the minimum you can start with is N60, 000 (for a carton of 1000pcs)

You buy @ N60/pc and sell @ N100/pc, your profit margin is N40/pc

Let  us do some calculation:

If  you sell  100pcs in a day ( ie on Sunday, just in a Parish)  your profit-  N4,000

In a month  you will be making  – 4(weeks)x N4,000=N16,000

Let assume you sell in 5 parishes

You sell 400pcs in month in a parish

Then in a month 5parish x N16,000 = N80,000

Wow! What a lucrative business!

You will be making N80,000 monthly,

But the question will be, “ how can you sell in 5 parishes every Sunday at the same time?

The answer is “leverage”


This is what is called the POWER of leverage: To leverage on effort of other people

Develop resellers at least one person in every parish within your area.


Now let us do some arithmetic

You buy the item @ N60/pc; you sell to resellers @ N80/pc while they sell @ N100/pcs

Now your profit is N20/pc

Let us assume you have 50 Resellers that sell 100pcs every Sunday.

50 (sales rep) x 100pcs = 5000pcs

5000pcs (total the sales ) x N20(profit each) =N100, 000

you will be making N100,000 IN A WEEK

In a month N100,000 x 4weeks =N400,000

Yes that is N400,000 monthly profit selling @ Sunday Church Services only.


  1. As a reseller, every Sunday, in your parish introduce the product to every member of your parish. Send them SMS, stay outside the church after service to show it to members. Talk to your parish pastor to buy them as gift for first timers. Talk to your Evangelism head to buy them as gift to be given out during Evangelism.
  2. As a bulk wholesaler, develop resellers in every of the Redeemed parish churches in your locality. Talk to the parish church pastors to buy them as gift for first timers as a tool for evangelism. Also recruit young boys and girls you can deploy to sell in each church parish every Sunday. Your sales people can also sell during the monthly Holy Ghost service, yearly Holy Ghost Convention and Holy Ghost Congress programs.

Finally, let me re-emphasize that the ball now is your court to charge of your financial future. Testimonies already abound of countless number of people who have benefitted immensely from this amazing money making opportunity!

Are you going to miss this opportunity, waiting for some “financial favor” to hit you on the bed of idleness, day dreaming, and prosperity illusion? Wake up! Seize this divine opportunity now! The bible even says “ Those who do not work should not eat”

Become a broker, get big companies’ branding contract and make millions

We also seek interested brokers who would source for corporate organizations that would want us to produce paper air freshener branded with their company name and logo. This opportunity is very big!

Contact us through the phone numbers below.


Lagos Office: 27, Atunike Olabanji street, Off John Olugbo street, Ikeja Lagos

PortHacourt: 10, Okoa street, “(Flat 4) off NTA Road, Rumuokwuta PH

Call now!

08028732799, 08180065490

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